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date: Tuesday, November 3
name: fiam
yeah elsenham youth football club is the best
date: Saturday, November 22
name: Francis Shilton
Great website!
date: Saturday, May 24
name: Terry Winter
I've enjoyed the matches we have played in this season and reading your match reports. A long hard fought season which went right to the wire. Well done.
Terry Winter
Hatfield Youth u13 Manager
date: Friday, July 26
name: Bradley Tredinnick
Kevin RIP we had many magical football moments together, following Dylan at Leeds Reading Doncaster Kilmarnock. I'm deeply saddened for all your family and even though I hadn't seen you for years I still miss you
date: Thursday, July 11
name: Daniel
Love you dad
date: Monday, July 8
name: James
Really sorry to hear about Kev. I really liked his determination and will to succeed for all the boys. Training and the matches will never be the same.
date: Monday, July 8
name: Simon, Lee, James, Michael & Molly
Still can't believe it - only seems like yesterday we were having drinks in the pub after presentation night. Loved your passion for football and all the special things you did for the boys - you really made such a difference. Training will never be the same again. Our thoughts go out to your boys & family - god bless. RIP friend.
date: Monday, July 8
name: Charlie and Martin Oliver
Kevin - we are all still very shocked - Charlie and the boys really appreciated your support and your sense of humour, and what a penalty miss! Our thoughts go to your boys,family and friends
date: Saturday, July 6
name: Dean Tina Archie & Harry
......We hope that Kevin's wonderful spirit will live on through his boys, Daniel and Harry. With much love and RIP Kevin and may your star shine as bright in heaven as you did here xxx
date: Saturday, July 6
name: Dean Tina Archie & Harry
Still so shocked as such sad news!! We all have fond memories of Kevin in the short time that we knew him.........the banter.........that penalty at the Dad's match!! Totally devastated for his boys and his family and our thoughts are very much with them......
date: Friday, July 5
name: Chris & Archie Thomas U10's
My first & lasting memory of Kevin will always be the warmth & generosity he showed us when we joined Elsenham until the last night together at the presentation evening.
I know Archie & all the boys really appreciated your support & generosity.
date: Friday, July 5
name: Finley Cameron-Prior
It was such an honour to have you KEVIN! Thank you for everything you've done for us especially for pushing us all the way to win the league. RIP.
date: Friday, July 5
name: Chris & Archie Thomas U10's
...but most of all your motivation of them as individuals and as a team.
Our thoughts goes out to all of Kevins family & friends at this difficult time.
Thanks again Kevin.Never forgotten and RIP.
Chris,Anthea,Archie & Scarlett.
date: Friday, July 5
name: John & Joshua Oliver.
Kevin, Thank you for your encouragement to not just josh but all the boys. You will still be with us every time the boys step onto the pitch. RIP.
date: Friday, July 5
name: Love Nicola, David, Aaron, Finley & Kyle x
Kev, who will I banter with at the football, on my emails, texting, on the phone!!!! A devastating, tragic loss of a fantastic guy with a heart of gold. We as a family still cannot believe that we won't see Kev again, and the feeling of emptiness that comes with this tragic loss of such a young life.
date: Friday, July 5
name: Love Nicola, David, Aaron, Finley & Kyle
A great, funny guy who I just needed to look at and he made me smile because I knew there was always going to be some kind of banter on its way! Inspirational to all the boys to go all the way with their football. Our thoughts are especially with Daniel & Harry, Kev's family & close friends. RIP
date: Friday, July 5
name: Kyle Cameron - prior
To Kevin. Thank you for being such a good friend to me and when me and Harry used to play together and when me and Fin came to yours. I loved all the trophies and the t-shirts. from Kyle. MISSED YOU SO MUCH!
date: Friday, July 5
name: Joshua & John Oliver.
Our thoughts go out to Family/friends & all that knew you at this sad time.
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Julie Rhodes U10's
I'm still in deep shock about the tragic loss of Kevin. He entered our life so briefly like a whirlwind of positivity. Seemingly coming from nowhere yet very quickly became part of the Rhodes family life. Now he has disappeared as quickly as he came.
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Dean
RIP to a good man and friend. We appreciate everything you have done for the boys in the under 10s. Your enthusiasm and the confidence you gave the boys will be missed. Especially the little talks and boosts you used to give Tyler (Mr T). You will be missed, never forgotten and impossible to replace.
Dean, Sarah,Tyler and Archie
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Paul Jarvis
.....And his generosity towards those around really did know no bounds. He's going to leave a huge hole in the fabric of the club and Saturday mornings will never be quite the same again. RIP Kev, you'll be missed, but never forgotten.
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Paul Jarvis
Still finding it hard to believe that we won't be seeing Kev on the football field again. It was always a joy to exchange a bit of banter with him on a Saturday morning. He loved being there and we loved having him around us. Kev took such immense pride in his team, so much so that at times he was almost radiating positivity.
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Julie Rhodes U10's
......I can honestly say I have never met another person who has perfected the art of motivating others in the way Kevin did. Kevin was unique in so many ways. Absolutely devastated. X
date: Thursday, July 4
name: Julie Rhodes U10's
......Emptiness doesn't begin to describe how we feel. My heart reaches out to Kerry, Daniel and Harry, all Kevin's family, friends and indeed everyone whose life was blessed by knowing him.
date: Wednesday, July 20
name: 1. JFC AEB Hildesheim
Many greetings from Germany on 1 JFC AEB Hildesheim! You have a great website. Visit us at once: www.jfc-aebhildesheim.de. We are a youth game. community from Hildesheim. Oliver Hilski
date: Thursday, May 26
name: Ian Blinko (continued)
A massive well done to you Paul Jarvis, all your helpers and the players who have made it a fantastic football club. (cont below)
date: Thursday, May 26
name: Ian Blinko (continued)
This website’s now in my Favourites to keep an update, keep up all the good work! One day soon, I'll try to pop down to watch a game. Take care everyone, Ian (i.blinko@ntlworld.com)
date: Thursday, May 26
name: Ian Blinko
I found some original team photo's that were given to me when I left Elsenham and it brought a tear to my eye when I found this site. (cont below)
date: Tuesday, August 17
name: james stevens
Thank you for letting me play for under 9`s last season, i really enjoyed my time.

date: Friday, April 9
name: Cettina Houston
Great website guys, I enjoyed looking thru it.
All the best.

Cettina Houston. x
date: Sunday, March 14
name: rob
well played today
we deserved that and a bit of luck
date: Sunday, Febuary 7
name: wayne wright...(Marley`s Dad)
A big well done to all the U11`s today, a fantastic performance against Manuden, every one dug in and we got the result we deserved!!!! You guys just keep getting better and better!! love it!!!!
date: Saturday, December 5
name: Thomas
Come and play for free on www.wcpool.com come on world!!! Nice soccer game for the WC 2010 in Africa.

Best regards
date: Sunday, June 7
name: Sandra Grant
Smart Team !!
date: Wednesday, May 13
name: dilbert
well done to the best team at there age again the eyfc league winning under 12's
date: Monday, Febuary 2
name: Betonwolke
Hello and many greetings from Bremerhaven (Germany). You have a great site! Perhaps you have a look at our junior football site (U 12 - 1997) too? - http://www.betonwolke.jimdo.com

Best wishes

Betonwolke & Eiblau
date: Sunday, November 9
name: u12
U 12 ROX
date: Tuesday, October 14
name: Lee Bowden
I work in what is termed as 'new media' and therefore see a lot of sites. This is good as it gets from design, navigation, layout and administration. I am not surprised it has won an award and Andy deserves not just a big well done but an ever bigger thank you.
date: Sunday, October 5
name: rob u14
well done u14s it was a great performance today. that is why we are in div 1
date: Thursday, August 14
name: jon booth keeper
fantastic work guys!

lovin robert smith for life xxxxxx

love booth
date: Sunday, July 27
name: Marc Lawson
A big Thank You on behalf of the 'Soccer Tots' to Andy Squires for his help in designing the EYFC Website. The award for 'EFA Website of the Year' is much deserved and puts EYFC heads and shoulders above the rest.
date: Saturday, July 26
name: adam mace
well done 4 this whole season greens

on behalf of the catholic raligion god has blessed us

i will comment again but i need a shower because i am very greasy from a hard days football match

date: Tuesday, July 8
name: Sophie Healey
date: Tuesday, June 24
name: Tomas donnelly
Hey just a note to all the under 11s keep up the gd work 4 next season and in divison 3. we can crush stansted home and away and possibly the league cup and we can all go places
date: Sunday, May 25
name: rob smith u14
what a season u14 we finished 9 points clear and we are now in div 1 come on u greens oh congrats michael on 200 cap
date: Monday, April 14
name: *jon booth under14s
*unlucky under 14s in the semi final, im crying and weeping for all of us at this very hard time. steph ur gawjus!
date: Sunday, April 13
name: Paul Jarvis - U14 manager
You under-14s are a credit to the club. The way you came back against such a tough team and the attitude you showed in defeat were just magnificent. Roll on the league title! PS. In case you're wondering, I'll live!
date: Sunday, April 13
name: rob smith u14
great performance to day the u 14s it was an unlucky way to get knocked out but know we only need four wins and then we are in division 1 come on !!!!!
date: Saturday, April 12
name: jon booth under 14s
well done to all elsenham youth football team on the behalf of me my mum and my dad, oh yeh and my dog bella:)
date: Sunday, March 16
name: Paul Jarvis
Well done to the under-14s for a really great performance today. The standard of football was a step up on all previous performances this season. Roll on the semi-final!
date: Wednesday, March 12
name: robert fitzpatrick
well done to all, a great time and a great website too. we hope that we make as many games as possible this and every season ;-)

from all the staff at perfect4u (www.perfect4u.com)
date: Sunday, March 9
name: John Elskamp [v.v. Oene B1]
We'll meet each other on our tournement on monday 24 march 2008 in Oene [the Netherlands]. Ceck our website http://oeneb1.atspace.com
date: Sunday, March 9
name: Michael Jarvis - U14
Congratulations to the U11s on winning the division title. Hopefully we'll be doing the same soon.
date: Sunday, March 2
name: Robert MacLeod (shearer)
Glad to see everything is going well. i started back when it all began and we struggled to even get a team, the club is and has always been superbly run congratulations to everyone involved, keep up the good work.
date: Saturday, Febuary 23
name: Tony Wood
Young Tony jnr will be playing for Rayne Youth FC (nr Braintree) from this week after spending a very happy 3 or 4 months with the Soccer Tots at EYFC. A massive thankyou to Marc, Cathy and the lads for making us welcome and giving Tony his first footy steps.
Good luck for the future and maybe a friendly or two in the future

Thanks again
Tony, Carol and little Tony
date: Monday, December 3
name: leebowie
come on elsenham under 17, we had the best game last sunday, i'm still well happy about it

thanks grant
date: Sunday, November 25
name: Ben Markham
I liked the picture
date: Sunday, November 11
name: mason u14s
a good 1-0 win today but the best bit was your car rolling down the hill me and jon bruce didnt stop laughing for ages
date: Sunday, November 11
name: adam
be careful with hand brakes paul!!
date: Saturday, November 10
name: rob smith u14 player
CONGRULATIONS paul you have been with the club since it was founded
date: Wednesday, November 7
name: Michael Jarvis
Congrats to my Dad on winning an Uttlesford District Council Community Achievement Award.

You definitely deserved it!
date: Monday, November 5
name: rob smith
elsenham u14 rule we are on a role won all our games apart from 1 and we have the best defence
date: Thursday, November 1
name: jon booth u14 goal keeper
great playing this season u14's
ed beanland your a very good footballer defantly got a future in football
date: Sunday, October 28
name: daniel bastos
i miss u guys, america is awsome...
you guys have grown! (i played with what now is the under 14's)

im still playing soccer and im now a center mid player
anyway...enjoy the season.
date: Monday, September 24
name: Darren U11 Manager
Well done lads keep up the good work.
Does anybody know who the ghost is in our picture holding the water bottle? spooky
date: Friday, September 21
name: Matt Tredgett
rob smith best player ever

also the site is awsome dude !!!!!!!!
date: Saturday, August 18
name: Grant Alabaster
Marc knight, thanks for your best wishes. Yes we are a great team and you was a top player for us.
date: Thursday, August 9
name: Michael Jarvis
This is a quality website. I'd say it's the best youth football site in the whole country!
date: Thursday, August 2
name: marc knight
hello there i used to play for this team the under 17s they are now with the great manager of grant alabaster!! i wasnt there long maybe 7 monthes at the most but im sure if i didnt move back to manchester i would still be there. your a great team and good luck in the up and coming season boys
date: Sunday, July 29
name: tomas donnelly u11 player
i like the site its more like a real website
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